HIIT Classes
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Have you tried HIIT Yet?

If the answer is NO and you are unsure what HIIT classes are all about, let me explain!

Fun, Friendly and Welcoming Classes

HIIT stands for High Intensity, Interval Training and is a great way to get more out of your workout in a shorter amount of time!


Not only will HIIT help you BURN MORE CALORIES in less time than traditional workouts, you will also continue to burn calories after your workout is over.  Other advantages of HIIT classes include BUILDING MUSCLE and improving your overall FITNESS LEVEL!

    If you are looking to get fitter, leaner and stronger, then my HIIT classes could be just what you are looking for. Fun, friendly and welcoming classes - come and join in and be part of an amazing community. 

    No matter what your fitness level, you WILL be able to join in as all exercises can be adapted to suit where you are right now and I ensure you are moving safely at all times.

    So if you don't want to join a gym, don't want to spend hours working out and want something that will Classes include cardio, strength and core and last 35 minutes, including a warm up and cool down.

      Come and try it out for FREE

      Classes are £5 each but why not come and try a class for FREE!  Just drop me a message (via email : dawn@twdfitness.co.uk or via text: 07811 114844) and I will book your space for you and you can see for yourself why HIIT so many love HIIT!

        When and Where?

        Classes are held at the back of Imperial Bodies Gym in Daventry on the following days:


         6.30pm to 7.05pm

        £5 per person

        (see below for location and parking details)

          Imperial Bodies Gym Location

          My HIIT classes are held at Imperial Bodies Gym, Daventry.  See map below for location.  

          Click HERE to download details of parking and access for the Outdoor HIIT classes

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